Europeans Medal Race

We are back in the US after a wonderful European Championships in Greece. To recap the medal race, we arrived at the venue to have a meeting with our coach before measurement inspection. This year, the regatta organizers gave each of the top ten boats gold bow numbers correlating to the standings leading into the medal race. The concept was very cool for the media, however putting on bow numbers is quite a stressful experience! Think high pressure arts and crafts! Anyways, there was a storm cell lingering and right before our start, the breeze increased rapidly as the storm approached. It was offshore, so very shifty and puffy conditions. We started at the pin below all ten boats and the left hand side didn’t look so good. We were very patient, taking hitches to our side and managed to come out second at the first windward mark. For us to secure fourth, we had to beat the Slovenians, have a boat between us and the Brazilians and couldn’t have more than 8 boats between the French. Well the Dutch were winning the race, so all was good at that point. The rest of the race, we covered the Brazilians who were the closest to us at the time and did our job to finish in second securing fourth!