Thank you Mr. Cantaloupe Man!

Not sure if you saw the picture on our Facebook page, but the first morning we were in Greece, we woke up to lots of noise outside our window.   Noises of people on megaphones, shuffling down the street bartering prices and dogs barking gave us an abrupt awakening especially with our jet lag! We looked outside and saw a full on market of fruits, vegetables, olives and all the herbs you can imagine. Our jaws dropped because our car had been parked on that street, so it was easy to assume the worst: our car had been towed in a foreign country.

We weren’t quite sure what to do, but after a couple minutes of trying to sort out a plan we decided to just walk downstairs and attempt to talk to someone. At least that way we could figure out who decided to tow our car. Well we walked outside and looked to see our car parked right where we had left it down the street!  Except now it was between cantaloupe and cucumber stands. It looked so out of place and we were definitely “those Americans”, yet we were so relieved.  After some fancy maneuvering almost knocking over numerous egg and olive stands, we were in the clear on an actual street!  The Cantaloupe man was so nice assisting us with getting out of the tight spot and of course not towing our car. We thanked him profusely and bought some of his fruit!!