Europeans Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was an extremely long day as we waited for wind for almost four hours before getting two races off hitting the dock after 7pm! Since we have been having such late days, we have usually been debriefing at the club restaurant over dinner putting us back to our apartment after 9pm most days. We struggled to get off the starting line yesterday which made our races much more difficult than they should have been. We were eager to start much better today and we definitely did in the first race where we got another bullet! This venue is so different from other venues where we have sailed in that it is so hard to forecast the wind here. Every day, the wind seems to have a mind of it’s own and the unpredictability factor made this event particularly challenging. It is not so much shifty, but sides come in hard and it makes the starts so important. Given the conditions, we are actually sailing quite well even though it doesn’t feel that way. We managed to hang in there today entering into the medal race tomorrow in fourth in total defense mode. Points are very close behind us and with no chance of getting a medal with a 22 point difference from third, we are sailing for fourth! Our measurement check is at noon tomorrow and the women will start at 12 for the final double-points medal race with only the top ten boats.

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.