Sailing World Cup Miami Day 2

Well today brought very similar conditions as to yesterday ESE at 12-18 knots, with a little more chop and inconsistent velocity.  Today, we fought through some pretty frustrating conditions simply trying to get our boat up to speed. Each race we were a little off on our tuning and, well, racing is a lot harder when you are slow. Despite the speed frustrations, the general recall black flag start definitely helped in terms of keeping the points close in the series standing.  We ended the day with a 9,6. We learned a lot today about how to sail out of pin setting which in the 470 can be a huge strength if you have it in your tool box and made progress with a lot of extremely important tactical concepts.  Tomorrow’s conditions look almost identical as today. We are eager to get back on the course and race hard.  Tomorrow’s start time is 10am.