Sailing World Cup Miami Day 1

Today was such a beautiful day to be on the water and the conditions came through as promised for Day 1 of the Sailing World Cup Miami, east at 12-18 knots. Team HP saw the sunrise on our bike ride to the yacht club this morning as our start time was 10am, which put our boat park arrival time at 715am.  Launching at around 830, we knew that the wind out of the east usually brings steadier and more consistent breeze with smaller shifts so we had the big picture conditions figured out pretty quickly, and we knew it was going to be a technique kind of a day.  Once we finished our pre race routine, we cruised down to the starting line to set our game plan and were ready to roll.  There aren’t enough girls registered for the race committee to start two fleets, so the girls raced with the boys.  We ended up with a 6, 7 for the day. Overall we were fairly pleased with our boatspeed relative to the top teams.  We have been working on our reach sets in practice recently and the two we did today we were happy with.  Our downwind communication improved throughout the day and it was a goal for us to work on our communication in the top third of the windward beats and we definitely made progress with that so we came off the water feeling like we accomplished something.  The forecast looks promising for the rest of the week so hopefully we will stay on schedule with 10 races for the series. First race is scheduled for 10am again. Let’s hope the sunrise is just as beautiful tomorrow as it was today!