To New Friends and Phrases!

Team Haeger/Provancha Fans!

Sailing out of Miami Yacht Club has allowed us to sail in variety in conditions. Whether we want to work on puffy shifty or gnarly waves from the Gulf Stream, the MYC has been an amazing place to train. When sailing in the harbor, we always need to be aware of the shift and moored boats. A few close calls have kept things interesting – the most memorable involved a chip out of the centerboard! We have also made some “friends” from the locals who live on the boats in the mooring field. We try to avoid rounding those boats as marks as our friends seem to provide not-so-insightful input about our sailing abilities…

Something we have been inventing/developing is our own language of sorts to keep the communication simple in the boat.  An example is “porcupine”, meaning we are not doing a good job of communicating upwind.  If you ask what our inspiration was for this, I would not be able to tell you (probably that I was in a strange mood during that training period). And plus porcupines are pretty cool animals.  Not only does it keep things light out on the water, but is also more effective communication!  Next blog Briana will reveal another funny term we have coined.

When we are not out on the water, Briana is working at Cole Haan as a sales associate and I am keeping myself busy helping out my parents with the move from Illinois to Florida. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area and want to drop in to bug Briana at the Galleria Mall, I am sure she would greatly appreciate it. Be careful though, she is quite the saleswoman now!

If you have any questions or have anything special you would want to see on the blog, feel free to email us at We would love to hear from you!  And please, feel free to connect anyone you feel may be interested to our website!