470 North Americans Day 3

I guess one can say from looking through our blog history that we are bad at posting after the final day of an event.  Here’s to turning over a new leaf haha.

Day 3 started off with a short on land postponement as we waited for the wind to shift to the correct forecasted direction. We were happy to finally have some warmer temperatures! We sailed three races in tough conditions: .4 nautical mile first windward beats (1/3 the length of our usual beats), less than five knots at times, lots of current lines and some shifts. Managing traffic was the biggest hurdle of the day and getting off the starting line with the ability to hit the first shift was a big deal. The first race, we did all of those things very well and finished second overall with the boys. We had great upwind speed in the light air which was something we have been working on this fall, a weakness that we discovered at the test event in Santander. The second and third races, we struggled to get off the starting line. We went for a somewhat conservative approach as 1/3 of the women’s fleet was black flagged in the first race. We knew that another letter score would hurt us and with our speed being very good, we figured that was smart. Well, turns out with a windward beat that short, we would have been happier with a little more risk. We struggled to get leverage toward a side and ended up fighting our way out of the middle. The good news is that from yesterday our communication has improved a ton and we are both extremely happy with that! We made some awesome comebacks while probably giving our coach a heart attack.  We ended up second overall and top North American team, being crowned 470 North American Champions! This was a great way to shift into the Miami Sailing World Cup which starts next week!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.