470 North Americans Day 2

We arrived to the boat park at 8:30 am and we’re again greeted by Northwest winds 7-10 knots. We were expecting similar conditions as yesterday and that’s pretty much exactly what we got, but just a little lighter. We were hoping for warmer temperatures, but it was still very chilly on the water.  Just like yesterday, the breeze was inconsistent and hard to predict which made the racing challenging.  We even spent some time postponed on the water in between race 1 and 2 waiting for the breeze to stabilize.  The first race, we ended up on the wrong side of the pressure upwind and rounded the top mark in second to last.  After managing to string some good decisions together, we caught up and finished mid fleet. We were looking to redeem ourselves in the second race. The race committee shortened the windward beat, which ended up being roughly the same length as a college sailing beat. We rounded the first upwind mark in the top 6, but because of the shortened beat, the windward mark was extremely crowded. We tacked inside of a bunch of boats that were overstood on the starboard layline and got rolled by a couple of boats before we were able to get in a good position to set for the reach; a very good lesson learned to duck there. We played the second upwind beat very well and with some communication improvements from the previous race, we caught up to second.  The wind was slowly dying and the race committee sent us in after two races. We took advantage of the early day and headed to Monty’s to watch some football. Tomorrow’s forecast looks much lighter than today and we will hope for some good racing!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.