Coaches Regatta

Our last trip to Santander was for a coaches’ regatta that had a fantastic turnout of 32 women’s boats. The regatta was put on by many international coaches, alternating through race committee duty.  There were four long days with three races a day giving us plenty of time to get accustomed to the different race areas.  When arriving to a peak event, we have found it extremely useful to do some research on the different race areas beforehand. Whether that be current relief, geographic shifts, or breeze patterns that emerge, we were happy with the development of our play book for the approaching worlds! We finished the regatta in 4th despite holding onto two black flag penalties.  We felt fast, especially in the strange Santander swell, and got to apply many of the lessons we learned while in Long Beach.   For Europeans, we are looking to improve on our starting in current venues, as well as continue to get faster in all conditions!