Safe and sound in Palma!

We successfully made it to Palma after 96 hours of exhausting traveling!  Our first stop once flying into Amsterdam was straight to the US Sailing Warehouse outside of the city where we picked up our European boat, 10%.  With some rearranging of boats onto trailers at the warehouse, we were late getting on the road. The drive to Barcelona should take 17 hours if all goes well, and with a ferry the next day we knew we had to drive as far as we could day one.  Caleb and Greg, the guys we lived with during OCR were also making the same drive and we made a last minute decision to road trip down together.  The drive went very smoothly, aside from the fact that around 11pm we both kind of looked at each other as we realized we still had not sorted out our accommodation for the night. We texted the boys and with their fancy T-mobile data plan, they were able to start searching for places. Well long story short, our options were either pretty much the Ritz Carlton that was not close per say or some other places that looked extremely sketchy.  We ended up deciding to sleep in the car, which we knew was not the safest or most ideal plan, but with our time crunch and it being so late we went with the flow.  It was a good thing we were traveling with big burly Finn boys to ward off potential intruders!! They both had their weapons of choosing which included a switchblade and a hammer.  We used lifejackets as pillows and the thought of using an old spinnaker as a blanket definitely crossed our minds. The hardest part was not the small sleeping space, but the 40 degree weather! It was hard to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time due to either paranoia that someone was about to break into our car or the fact that it was just so darn cold. We actually woke up at 4 am and turned the car on so we could get some heat and since it was hard to get back to sleep, we made moves back on the road around 630 am.  We went searching for a hot breakfast and ended up with a nice cup of coffee and a croissant.  Our priorities upon arriving into Barcelona were safe trailer parking and finding a nice place to eat dinner.  The ferry was painless and we are currently sitting in the restaurant at the regatta site getting Internet! Today, we plan to spend a few hours this morning with the boat and the afternoon relaxing after our trip.