Miami SWC Day 2

We are fairly tired so this will be short. We were scheduled for a 10am start time and ended up being postponed on shore until 3:15. I think in total we waited about seven hours for the breeze to fill in. Waiting out postponements is not the most enjoyable thing ever, but the Miami weather and pool-side shade were definitely perks. We also got to see the sunset on our way in from racing, which was absolutely gorgeous. Days like today are why we love our sport so much.  Even though they are long and involve a lot of waiting, it adds another dimension to the game.  We only got one race off today in light winds and we managed a third.  The results are showing an early drop, or discard, which will favor inconsistency early on.  We are pleased with how we sailed today.  Despite a few mistakes here and there, we are sailing consistently around the course and continuing to make improvements with our communication and speed. After racing, Sperry Top-Sider put on a dinner for the US Sailing Team! It was fun catching up with Sperry and the other sailors on the team.

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.