Hyeres Day 2

Again, this morning we were greeted with no wind upon our arrival to the sailing site. We waited for about two hours under postponement and racing got under way around 1pm.  Two races were scheduled and today turned out to be a big fighting day for us. In the sailing instructions, it stated that racing would begin 60 min after AP goes down.  Since the women were first start, we were in rush mode to get off the dock.  Once we got out to our course, we knew that every minute of pre start prep would be important because we wouldn’t have that much time. We were able to complete our pre race routine and get ourselves down to the starting line in time for the orange flag to go up.  The breeze was out of the east and it was very patchy and inconsistent with big chop on starboard, which made the boat challenging to sail.  The first race, we punched the line a little quick and the individual flag went up. We watched four boats return back to the starting line, but when the X flag remained flying, we knew it was us and turned around. We were quite a ways from the starting line at this point and had to set our spinnaker to clear the line. We were lucky it was a “P” flag start and not “I” flag start, or the round the end rule.  We knew that we just had to get as many boats back as we could and that we had a lot of distance to make up.  We ended up finishing 16th, mostly in part to our downwind speed, which was a positive of the day. The second race, we had a mediocre start with a left shift and we lost our lane fairly quickly and ended up getting ping ponged during the bottom third of the beat. It took us a while to lock into a nice lane and unfortunately the hitches we made right hurt us some as it was a fairly left dominant beat. We kept fighting our way back through the fleet to finish with an 11 which was not ideal, but good lessons were learned! We struggled with our upwind speed today and so we are looking forward to hearing Romain’s thoughts during our debrief tonight. Looks like breeze on the rest of the week. Final series starts tomorrow.

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.