Rio Ready


With the Games quickly approaching, we are feeling relaxed and well prepared. Though we are trying to think of the Olympics of any other event, our routine will have to be tweaked quite a bit!

Unlike other events where we live close to the venue and are able to cook our own meals, both members of Team HP will be leaving in the Olympic Village! It is about an hour car ride from the village to the Olympic venue of Marina del Gloria. This bus ride alone is a massive change in our routine! In order to get in the right mental space it will require more effort in calming nerves in the longer commute. Each team member will have a different strategy to do so. Briana will be listening to a lot of music on spotify and chatting with others on the bus, while Annie will be either reading a book or doodling in her notebook. A lot of thought has been put towards “what happens if the bus is late or breaks down?” The organizing authorities like US Sailing and the USOC have put in place a couple ‘extraction’ plan including rented cars and even a helicopter!

As far as living accommodations, the housing in the Olympic village is suite style with either 4 or 6 bedrooms with 2 twin beds in each room. Briana also has a unique situation as she is sharing a suite with some of the fencing athletes. Since our event is so long we will be able to stay in the village the whole time (something unique in our sport!).

Our arrival plan into the venue begins on the 28th of July where we will fly down from Houston, TX and arrive the morning of the 29th. That day is dedicated to moving into the Olympic village and getting sorted with the orientation of our new home! On the 30th, we move our boats over from the Niteroi side of the bay into the Olympic venue. Since we only have one trip to bring over all our Game equipment, the coach boat will be chock a block full with lots and lots of gear! Boat work followed by a short sail on the 1st will get us ready for our last coach’s regatta starting the 2nd. We are required to take the 5th of August off because of the opening ceremonies. Make sure to tune in to try to get a glimpse of Team HP!

From then on, it is business time. We measure in our boat and equipment on the 7th and racing begins the 10h. To watch the sailing live, to go this website and click on the sailing tab. The big day for us will be the 17th or 18th of August when our medal race will take place. In order to make sure we are 100% focused on our competition, Team USA has put in place a social media ban starting the 24th of July. As always we will feel your positive vibes, which helps our sailing!

Thank you to all who have followed us on this crazy journey. No words can explain how much you have positively affected not only our sailing, but also our lives. The amount of support that we have received emotionally is incredible. We feel all of your love as our journey is coming to an end. Thank you for everything you have done for us and we hope to make you proud!!!