Games Gear

After countless hours on the water putting in the work, we have officially picked our Olympic Games gear. Checking boxes is a constant battle we have in our campaign and we were worried that when the Games began, we would still have things on our list.  It is a big relief to have everything in place and feel confident in our equipment.

The first half of the June camp was assigned to making sure that we did just that. Our mast centerboard combo is set, we picked our sails last camp and now we have to do is focus on racing! There was a coach’s regatta that took place June 24-27th. We brought in a local coach who knows the venue quite well and was able to give us valuable insight.

This latest event took place two days inside the bay and two days on the outer racecourses. Since the tide cycle is different from what we will be seeing at the Games, the current was a big unknown and forced us to keep our eyes out of the boat. It is incredible how much the current morphs and changes during a 30 minute time period which reinforced the need to rely on what you see on the course.

The first day of the event, we felt a little unprepared as we were not aware that the event started that day! We rushed to get rigged and dressed and eventually made it out to the racecourse. After surviving the day, we were relieved to have a coach for the second day of the event.

A breakdown the had us battling with the back pack the entire time of race number 3. For the second race of the day, we were able to pull our heads back together to get a 3rd and keep us in the event. This was the first time in awhile that we were pinned down and planning. It felt good to get that 470 back up to speed!

A cold front pushing through the area has two breezes fighting each other making it difficult to get two races in on the 3rd day. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we were sent outside to do 1 race. Great speed off the line and smart tactical moves put us in the lead over the finish line.

The last day of racing, we found ourselves tied for 3rd and quite a bit behind 2nd and 1st. After a consistent 1st race the points all around us were close.  The current was outgoing (going opposite of the breeze) which made starting difficult for the last race of the event. Many black flags were handed out meaning the fleet was pushing the line hard. The fight for 3rd was close with as many as 4 boats being in the position to get on the podium. After a bad start, it was a battle all the way. The last downwind, we were able to pass the Brazilians who were ahead of us by 1 point going into the last race to end up 3rd in the event.