War Paint

From what we can see, each team/country has a pre-race routine. They do a 720 to get their heart rates up, check in with their tuning partners before the start or get their head to wind number before the 5 minute sequence. Though we have our own variation of pre-start routines, one thing is for certain: Zinc is on once we leave the dock.

We like to think of it was war paint of sorts, ready to go out to battle and prepared for everything. Looking back, it is hard to know where this procedure began! Briana has always been “sunscreen cautious” as we like to call it and does a great job of applying often.  We think that this may have been the beginning to our routine that we know so well. Once we launch, we know when Bri is going to take the Zinc out of the bag, Annie will stick out her finger and Bri knows just the right amount to squirt for the perfect war paint.

Though this is a small part to our program, you will see us at the Games rocking the white Zinc!