LBYC Fundraiser

It takes a village, or in this case a Lake. Lake Beulah and everyone around the ILYA have been by Briana and my side from the get go. The sheer interest of the sport sparked by the belief you have in our team has helped us as we have grown and learned the 470. As many of you know, sailing is an expensive sport and the 470 highlights this aspect. It is the most technical boat of the Olympics and therefore has more gear and equipment to be tested. We are at an exciting time in our campaign where we are finalizing our Games sails. We have officially chosen a main sail and are working towards picking our jib and spinnaker. With your support these past 4 years, we have been able to not only hire Dave Ullman as our head coach, but also have developed an amazing support system who keeps us sane through the ups and downs of our campaign!

This was highlighted this past Saturday with all who attended and helped out with our fundraiser. My family, including Commodore Bohl, David Bohl, Milton Haeger, Adrienne Cozette, and Al and Linda Haeger helped with the organization and invitations of the Rolex Party.  For all who attended, my Uncle Matt put together the video you all saw and mimed his way to putting the trophy together! Rob deTarnowsky and Joelle Cook made the delicious decorative cookies which they are accustom to make since Beulah has won the award two years back to back!
We also really want to thank all of you who bought our team “swag” as my Grandfather likes to call it. With out Candace and Dave Porter, Maggie and Mark Smith, Nancy and Dale Roble, and Kathy and Steve Barth none of this would be possible.  Your confidence in our Team helps us preform. When August 10th rolls around, I am going to be proud to have that LBYC burgee hanging in my room in the Olympic village. There are times when we have tough days on the water and we feel like everything is crashing down, but when I come back to the Lake my love for the sport and the support I have comes rushing back. Thank you to all who attended and everyone for the continued support.