Worlds Recap

When we first learned that our World Championships were to be sailed in Haifa, Israel we had no idea what to expect. For us, a lot of mystery surrounded this part of the world. What we were met with was a diverse city, warm weather and shallow extremely choppy seas. So choppy that during breezy days, waves at the beach were breaking making our docking quite interesting!

Day one of the World Championship we were greeted with puffy shifty breeze, the most we would see the entire event. After a solid first race using our downwind strength during the final run, our pre regatta jitters started to die down. The breeze was difficult to see, but was crucial in the dying breeze at the start of the second race.  A new neutral number caught us off guard during the first beat and we were in catch up mode from there. We split with the fleet during the first run and lost some boats. A clustered gate mark rounding caught us some boats, but we were still dabbling in the 20s coming up the second leg. After a great top 1/3rd of the beat and a good reach, we found ourselves holding a 14 and heading into the second day in 6th.

Unfortunately, the rest of the regatta would be quite light air with lots of chop caused by the two men’s fleets in front of us. We struggled quite a bit with speed, making our tactics even more crucial with the puffy tricky breeze. The second day, we got out the gates just fine, getting a keeper right away. The next race was a little bit of a different story. After a rough start, we found ourselves getting ping ponged up the middle and forced to sit in bad air for most of the leg. We rounded the windward mark in the deep 30s, fully in catch up mode for the rest of the race. Catching a handful of boats each leg we turned a 30 into a 16, which was a hard fete in the close racing with 40 boats.

The third day of the event we found a burst of speed sailing the outer trapezoid in smoother water finishing the day with two 3 places. The rest of the event was a bit of a blur. Struggling to hold lanes off the starting line lead us off in incorrect directions and poor boat speed had us rounding the top marks in mid fleet. We kept our fighting attitude and battled back each race. We ended the event in 7th place but have a new list of things to work on.  Back to the drawing board!