We have arrived in Haifa, Israel home to about 600,000 people. A great city for surfing and sailing.  For us probably more the sailing than surfing! We have unpacked the boat and are excited to head out on the water tomorrow.

It has been an exciting week for us as we christened and splashed our new 470 in San Diego! This should be the boat we will send to RIO next summer if all goes to plan.  We have been training hard this past month with a goal of improving our sailing in varied conditions.  Two weeks in San Francisco with lots of wind really helped us with our downwind speed.  All the time we have spent in the gym paid off some 30 knot days. Then it was off to San Diego to rig the new boat and put a few miles on her before making the drive to Miami.  It was a great opportunity for us to compare and fine tune our techniques optimizing our sailing in the different conditions.  We will now spend two weeks training in Haifa with coach Dave Ullman preparing for the 470 World Championships that will begin on Oct. 10th and concludes on the 17th. We are still riding our “high” after winning gold at the Olympic Test Event in Aug. and hope to capture another medal in Israel.  Thank you to our all our supporters we appreciate each and everyone of you.