SWC Weymouth Recap

The site of the 2012 Olympic Games brought challenges and triumphs to our team.   The first day brought shifty conditions due to the course being right next to the cliffs on the English shore. We were caught with our heads in the boat and missed the first shift off the line (which happened to be 35 degrees both races!). With some breakdowns and bad breaks, we found ourselves in the back of the fleet.  Day two bought similar conditions, but with our debrief and new attitude on day two would be a different day.

We started with a bang winning the first race on the last downwind leg, passing the 2012 Gold medalists. The second race was a battle. After struggling to get off the line, we were ping ponged through the fleet, once again making huge gains the last downwind to get sixth place in the race! The new format for racing is only four days of regular racing and a medal race, making getting races in crucial. Day three of the event brought no wind. We are talking none. The poor 470 men had the earlier start time and got a race in with the pumping flag up. It was quite funny hearing stories of how exhausted they were even on an extremely light air day!

Moving on to the following day, Weymouth brought a whole new condition. Big breeze coming from offshore brought once again shifty conditions. Struggling from speed problems and dealing with a one track beat, we were once again battling back on the downwinds. We were able to move up one spot to 6th place and secure our spot in the medal race. The points were such that we could not move forward, but only go backward.  Even with this added pressure, we felt prepared and ready to race. After a short postponement we headed out on the water. The breeze was quite shifty making it once again a head out of the boat day. Off the line, we were able to hold our lane to the left, making a couple hitches to make sure we were ahead of packs of boats. Holding to the left layline, we rounded the top mark in second place. An early gybe to get to more pressure had us split on the downwind gate mark.  With the added pressure, we crossed the Japanese and held onto the lead the rest of the race!! It felt great to end the event with a win in the medal race and keep that momentum as we head to Denmark for the Open Europeans!