Jelly Fish For Days

Have you ever been to a venue when the locals say “It’s never like this!”.  It seems that every time we arrive to a new event that statement is said regularly usually pertaining to wind. This time, we were dealing with a live animal! The jelly fish that covered the English Bay were massive. We are talking 4 feet across and weighing god knows how much. We were joking during training that it was like a mine field out there, with Briana being on the lookout to make sure we didn’t hit one. For the rare occasions we did, not only could you feel it on the boat, but both our centerboard and rudder popped up. Hitting one straight on had the boat learching and Briana flying forward on the trapeze. Thank goodness that the jellyfish dissipated for the event and we didn’t have to worry about navigating the mine field!