Chronicle: Palma

Our 2015 European trek started in Santander, Spain where we picked up our rig and car.  Planes, roads and ferries brought us to Palma early morning on the 8th of March. We planned more time to train in Palma pre event due to the time we were forced to take off due to injury during Sailing World Cup Miami.  Feeling fresh and excited to put time in, we joined forces with the British Sailing team for training. We lacked up wind speed and were a touch off our usual pace downwind which unfortunately continued to plague us during the event. It seems that most times you train at a venue before an event, the weather changes and becomes very unpredictable when racing begins. This is exactly what happened the first day of the event! The wind was forecasted for 20-30 knots, but due to mixing we had more like 0-20 with 60 degree shifts. Our first race of the event was by far the craziest. With the wind not cooperating and the conditions very challenging, the first three boats were launched putting pressure on us to make the time limit. The breeze decided to poop out the last reach of our leg, but due to the O flag being up, we were able to rock and pump our way to the finish line crossing with one second to spare!! The challenging conditions continued through the second day of the event, but we were able to manage the breeze better and ended up with two keepers. The third day we pulled the trigger too early and received a U Flag penalty followed by another disappointing race. The rest of the event was challenging because every race we sailed we had to keep from that point forward. Medal race day, we were in defending mode with a couple boats close behind very much within striking distance. We were able to hold onto our seventh place finish, right in line with our event goals due to the time off!!