SWC Hyeres Day 1

A super long day with two abandoned races before we got off the two that actually counted. Long story short, we were not doing great in the first two races that got abandoned because of two fairly large right shifts in non-trapeze conditions. The breeze finally settled to 8 knots and we had two awesome races. Other than the fact we practically ate dinner on the water, it was a pretty boring day. Our downwind speed is still quite good which always helps!! We are looking forward to two more races tomorrow at 11am. The format here is a bit different as it goes from Wednesday until Sunday instead of the usual Monday to Saturday deal. We will have a total of eight races plus a medal race.

You can follow the results here: http://swc.ffvoile.com/

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry and Sunbrella.