Princess Sofia Trophy Day 1

Today was actually the craziest day of sailing we’ve ever had. It was forecasted to be 20-30 knots off shore and when we arrived to the boat park it was only 15 knots out of the sea breeze direction so we didn’t know what to expect. The gradient wind was extremely strong and so essentially a few things caused the chaos. One, the gradient was trying to mix and so that created 20-25 knot puffs that would be 60 degree shifts in some cases. Two, we were racing extremely close to shore and the breeze has to come over the mountains here which makes it quite unpredictable. Three, since the mixing hadn’t happened, the sea breeze was still trying to prevail so there were fighting breezes in which pressure lines would sometimes come through. In our first race we started and were rallying with the top five, but you couldn’t really tell as everyone was in different breeze. Boats were auto-tacking left and right, some even flipping. At one point, we auto gybed on the reach leg! Now, that’s a first!  The first three boats were launched and the rest of the fleet was quite congested. We had some great leeward mark tactics and that got us around 10 boats, however the breeze completely died on the final reach. The O Flag or “pumping” flag was still up and so we were rocking and tacking toward the finish line in which we finished 10th, two seconds from missing the time limit. The second race was much more civilized compared to that and we managed a second. Looking forward to tomorrow and a more steadier sea breeze!

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We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry.