ISAF Sailing World Cup Recap

Our event goals were slightly modified at Sailing World Cup Miami at the end of January due to a back injury. Though it is often difficult to focus on process goals, we are excited to tick some boxes and are able to see progress as we are one year away from the Olympic Games! Compared to last year, Miami showed its many faces. A cold front moved through providing heavy breeze and cooler temperatures. The event started with a bang, with the first race wind ranges reaching the upper 20 knots. We found our upwind groove and rounded the second top mark in the lead by half of a leg. We tried to play conservative as we saw a massive squall coming from behind us, dropping the chute and about to attempt a chicken gybe. Our timing could not have been worse. The front hit right as we were turning up, blasting through with a 40 knot gust. We unfortunately flipped over costing us the lead and both Briana and Annie ending with slight injuries.

We battled through the rest of the day ending with another top 15, but were hurting to say the least. After physical therapy and recovering at Jaguar Therapeutics, we were amped for the next day. Once again, we had big breeze which allowed us to show our upwind speed. The first race we rounded the top mark again in 1st, loosing boats on the second leg with the offshore shifty breeze. Getting passed on the downwind was an unfortunate common theme to our event due to the inability to pump as hard as we wanted. Many of first beats we would round the top mark in the top three, but were unable to keep our positioning due to lack of downwind speed.

Though results wise this event seemed like a setback, we were able to accomplish our goals of getting off the line well, as well as developing a foot mode in the breeze.  Up next, we are gearing up for the European season traveling to Spain the first week in March. In the most recent worlds rankings released February 2nd, 2015 we were ranked third in the world, behind the 2012 Olympic gold medalists and the 2008 Bronze medalists. Thanks for following along!