SWC Miami Day 4

A later start time allowed us to sleep in a little this morning which felt very nice! It was also a bit warmer when we rigged and that was also a nice surprise. The wind was lighter today, but no less tricky!! The breeze was farther right than it’s been the past three days, however was still just as tough to predict. Our first race, we got stuck right in a big left shift with pressure which made it difficult to come back. We got a better grip on what the breeze was doing in between races and managed to sail a third for our second race. We got our downwind low mode back and had a great comeback the last run! We have an afternoon start tomorrow and the breeze is predicted to be extremely light so we are prepared for anything! The finns have our race course before us so could potentially be a long day!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry.