SWC Miami Day 3

Another cold day here in Miami! The next two days we have the later start time and we are excited to sleep in a little. The 8:30am launch is a lot earlier than we are used to! The wind was puffy again today which creates inconsistency amongst the scores in the fleet which favors consistency. The first race, we rounded the top mark first and held our lead for most of the race until the final run where we were just a little low on pressure. In this fleet, a small mistake and you get passed. It’s part of the Olympic game. The second race was tough from the start as we had to spin a 720. There was a miscommunication with a starboard tack boat as we thought they waved us across. That happens sometimes and we definitely learned from that mistake. We had an awesome comeback though to finish 14th!! Two races tomorrow at 12:30pm.

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry.