SWC Miami Day 2

Today was similar to yesterdays second race. Again, Miami is not coming through with it’s usual warm weather, but is delivering on the breeze front!! The forecast looks similar for the next three days which is 15-20 knots offshore. When it is offshore, or coming directly off the land, the wind is generally more shifty and puffy and keeps us on our toes! We had two great starts today and are quite pleased with our speed. Unfortunately, with offshore breeze speed is not as much of a factor as tactics and strategy. A slower boat on the lifted tack will generally be beating a fast boat on the wrong tack.  Tomorrows forecast is even colder than today which we aren’t looking forward to that much. However, we are looking forward to testing our speed against the best in the World in two races tomorrow!!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry.