SWC Miami Day 1

Challenging day as we were greeted by cold temps and wind as we showed up to the boat park at 730am to get ready for our 830am launch time. We were all bundled up for our early morning tow out to the race area.  As the front got closer, the breeze increased quite rapidly and we had a steady 20 knots. We had a few cloud lines in our pre-race warm up but nothing substantial. As we started the first race, we were sailing the boat quite well. It showed in our speed, that’s for sure as we were winning the race!! On our second upwind beat, a large front appeared and that brought a 25 degree shift. The wind shift made the top reach a run and we decided to do the safe thing and take the kite down and chicken gybe as we were expecting a large wind increase. Well, that wind increase came literally in the middle of our attempted chicken gybe and we capsized. As we were leading we had some time to get our boat upright, but struggled as there was now pouring rain and limited visibility. We managed to finish 11th which is quite miraculous honestly.  As the front passed, the second race was in moderate breeze 14-18 knots offshore. We made a little mistake in the bottom of the second run and lost a few boats to finish 10th. Not our best day, but a day that could have been much  much worse. We are looking forward to tomorrow!!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry especially our title sponsor Sperry.