Rio Training

Guanabara Bay welcomed us back to its waters with open arms during our training camp at the Olympic venue. We met up with a Brazilian women’s team for speed tuning and sail testing during our ten jammed packed days. The more time we spend in Brazil, the more we realize how valuable getting the “Rio Experience” is. Now that many of the racecourse areas are defined from the Test Event last August, we were able to do some racing and learn the courses in a competitive setting. The camp was very productive, though both Briana and Annie were a little sick. We kept reminding each other that we were building up anti-bodies now so when we are back down in Rio in December, we will both be at one hundred percent!

Our trip was highlighted with long days on the water, working out at a gym that reminded us of the 80s, a night out in Rio, thick fog and lots of current! Coming up next in our schedule is training with both the American and Greek squads in Miami. Bring on the heat and sunshine!