ISAF Worlds Recap

We came away with a seventh place finish at our third 470 Worlds. There was a lot on our plate in Santander and some rough patches made it difficult to execute our goal. Although we are disappointed with our finish, it doesn’t take away from all that we accomplished this year! We have a lot of time before our next event, the ISAF World Cup Final in Abu Dhabi this November and we are ready to get back to work.

We began the event with a rough race, hitting the first windward mark with the strong downwind current.  Looking back, those lost points would have made a major impact in our final results. The event was plagued with a lot of waiting due to the lack of breeze as well as numerous fleets racing on a limited number of race courses. Day three, we got back in the swing of things, climbing consistently through the ranks on the second day of the final series. We found ourselves in third wearing the red pinnies after a puffy and shifty day four of racing. The last day of the final series was not how we wanted to end. After a great start in the first race, looking like we would be in the top five around the windward mark, we tacked into a big lift and flipped over.

During the capsize, Annie cut her leg on the autobailer causing us to have to bring the boat up slowly and putting major distance between us and the rest of the fleet. After we righted our boat and realized that our spinnaker pole sank, we weighed our options. In order for the race to count, we would have had to catch up to fourteenth to avoid using our throw-out.  Unfortunately we had to drop out of the race to get Annie treatment so we were able to compete in the final race. The medics poured WoundSeal on the gash to minimize the bleeding and we were off.   The last race began with a great start, but we struggled with our speed and finished in fourteenth, entering into the medal race day in fifth.  Briana singlehanded the boat for the tow in while Annie was put on a motor boat, sent to the hospital, and given eight stiches.

Entering into the medal race, we had a slight chance to grab bronze being fourteen points back. The stands were crazy! There were more people in the crowd than we had ever seen before spectating our medal race. With a good start and first third of the first upwind, we played too conservative tactics and became stuck in the middle. Fighting back, we ended the race in eighth causing us to drop to seventh overall.

There were many lessons learned and as we said in all of our post-race interviews, we cannot wait to get back out on the water.