The “Rio Experience”

Coconuts on the beach, motorboat rides and ferry trips across Guanabara Bay, current on current talks, team dinner at Clube Naval, trip to the Christ of Redeemer, jaw dropping sunset, some sailboat races, a tough medal race and caparinas pretty much sums up our trip to the Olympic venue! Oh and have to mention dinners at Paludo, the US Sailing Team restaurant pick of the week! This local restaurant in Niteroi is a buffet style where the weight of your plate is what you pay (typical in Brazilian culture). We also got a taste of a traditional Brazilian steakhouse with the green and red cards signaling “yes please” or “no thank you” to the waiters. They would walk around with different meats and cut it straight onto your plate. From delicious sirloin to chewy chicken hearts, the restaurant had it all and of course we had to try it. The blue cheese crusted filet was a team hp favorite, yes we are that classy. Make sure to check out our team Facebook Page for all the pictures, especially those sunsets! 

When we first arrived, it took a few days for the sun to come out and for us to get acclimated into our routine there. It was a very different experience for sure, and in the beginning there was quite a bit of stress just with being in Rio: the safety, avoiding stomach bugs, water quality, etc.  I’m sure you get the idea. Once we started sailing and got an idea for ourselves what all the hype was all about, our stresses subsided dramatically. The organizing authority did a fantastic job and Brazil is clearly on track for hosting a wonderful Olympics.  We couldn’t be more excited!!