470 Worlds Day 4

It is always a hard day when you need to perform and you don’t.  We are definitely feeling a little disappointed after today’s racing and are eager to get on the race course tomorrow for the last two races of the final series. Speed was a key factor for doing well in the wind and waves today, and we just didn’t have it compared to the top boats.  Aside from our speed, we had issues putting together good second beats which always makes it tougher.  We are still on such a steep learning curve which makes it is easier to put days like today in perspective.  Breeze is a huge weakness in our boat right now and we have made plans this upcoming fall to address it.  Today was definitely a reminder that we have set our priorities for our fall training correctly.  We are having a wonderful time in La Rochelle and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for following and hopefully we can end this regatta with a bang tomorrow!