Coaches Regatta Day 3

Hats off to the coaches for being extremely persistent today! We arrived to the yacht club early in hopes of a 10:30 am start time and when we headed out to the race area, the strong easterly we were hoping for didn’t prevail. There was no breeze and we were sent back to the dock. The race committee postponed us onshore for a 3pm start time.  It was nice that it was a long postponement as we were able to go back to our apartment and grab a nice lunch. We actually checked out the local farmer’s market which is in the large parking lot in front of the yacht club and purchased our produce for the week. While we were rigging for a 2pm launch time, it seemed that there was decent breeze. However, when we arrived at our race area, the off shore breeze was fighting with the sea breeze and it took a while for the wind to stabilize. After two hours of waiting, we got two races off in a puffy and shifty north-easterly. The racing was tricky as the windward marks were fairly close to shore.  The first race we saw pressure out right and had a decent starboard angle so we went for a start near the boat end.  Around 40 seconds to the start a massive left shift happened and we were sailing upwind hoping to make the line. We tacked right away after the gun and with some good tactical decisions managed a top 5 finish. The second race was similar to the first except that around 1:30 to the start we ran over a jelly fish which put our rudder up. After that was fixed, we were late approaching the line and once we managed a decent starting position ran over another jellyfish just seconds before the gun and couldn’t get up to speed with the boats around us. We tacked out immediately with one other boat while the rest of the fleet stayed on starboard. We hooked into nice pressure and we’re able to put ourselves between the mark and the fleet securing a second place finish.  Tomorrow we have one race scheduled at 11 am and then a medal race to follow. The forecast looks worse than today so we will be ready for another long day!