Europeans Day 3,4 and 5!

We made the medal race…barely!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts the past couple days. Our internet situation here is quite interesting. There are three other countries staying in the houses right next to ours and none of these houses has internet. There is a gas station right next door to us which has free wifi! Every day after sailing, everyone goes to the gas station and hangs out at the outdoor patio next to the pumps, which even has a balcony for us to sit under when it rains. It is actually one of the nicest gas stations in this respect. The only downside is that with too many computers or something it just decides not to work sometimes. Luckily, it is back up today! As for the racing today, we were postponed on land due to no wind and the AP flag dropped about 2 PM. Our race was super light air and it was hard to see which side was going to come through. We started committee and headed right as the two boys starts in front of us looked a little right bias and we noticed a pressure line sitting on that side. We looked good about half way up the beat and thought there was more right shift still in front of us so we kept going.  It ended up shifting back left toward the top of the beat making it hard for us to find starboards to come back on. We rounded the top mark in 7th to last!  We had a good downwind and picked off a couple boats in front of us and at this point it was getting even lighter. The fleet was fairly condensed at the leeward mark and a lot of boats were stopped at the leeward mark.  We were able to have good speed and get a good lane on port which was actually very important. We were able to catch up to about 20th and we had good speed on the final downwind to end up in 14th. We knew it would be close whether we made the medal race and to our surprise the gap between 6th and 8th got closer with only 3 points of separation. We are racing tomorrow to get 6th! It has been really hot here the past couple of days which has made the sailing awesome, a nice change after Medemblik! Our start time is 1pm tomorrow and we are psyched that we have one more chance to put together a good race here! Wish us luck!