Europeans Day 1

Rough start to the Europeans for us. Looks like Formia has saved the wind for the regatta! It was nice racing in some more stable conditions, although we were not sailing the boat as great as we would have liked. There was a fairly important local effect which made the course a one way track to the right that we didn’t realize until middle of the first race when we were leading the pack toward the left and the breeze just kept winding inside.  We had a great comeback the first race which we were pretty pleased with.  The second race, we started up from the pin which was not our original plan. We set up too early near the boat and got forced down the line. After the fleet realized it was a one way track, the boat got extremely crowded. We started just to windward of the pin, which was surprisingly a little favored. Actually, a french team port tacked the entire fleet!  Once we had a lane we went for the tack and unfortunately, the jib sheet got wrapped around the compass through the tack and our lane was compromised the rest of the time we trucked right and at that moment a clearing tack or hitch just didn’t seem smart. It didn’t really matter that the pin was favored because the boats that were able to get right first were the ones in the leading pack.  We learned a lot today about the value of a good lane and the value of your positioning coming into the windward mark, especially when the whole fleet is going to be stacked up on the layline early. Tomorrow we are going to have better starts in order to execute our game plan! Looks like tomorrow should be very similar as today!

We would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider especially our title sponsor Sperry Top-Sider.